Tony Horton’s Double Time Workout Schedule And My First Impressions

New Tony Horton’s Double Time is a family friendly fitness program. This means you can exercise with your kids, your husband, mother, brother, or your friends. It’s a great concept because working out can be much more fun with your loved ones involved. In this post, I’ll give my first impressions on Tony’s new program and leave a Double Time workout schedule for kids and parents.

Double Time workout schedule

Double Up

Double Time On Demand and on DVD

Double Time is a 30-day total body fitness program. Workouts are around 35 minutes or less, but from the second week, you do additional 10-minute abs workout. This fitness program is appropriate for all levels of fitness and is safe for your 8-year-olds too. If you have a friend or a family member that shares your passion for getting into shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle then this is probably something you should try. Also, you’re more likely to succeed in a long-term if you include another person in your fitness journey. You can hold each other accountable. Besides, tracking progress and sticking with your new fitness routine will be much more fun.

You can stream Double Time on BOD or purchase it as the DVD program.

What’s included?

  • 6 Workouts + 2 Bonus BOD exclusive workouts
  • Quick start Guide
  • Eating Plan
  • 30-Day Calendar for kids and adults
  • 43 Fun Family Recipes Booklet

Beachbody Buddy Ball is not included. You can easily replace it anyway or just do workouts without it.

Double Time Workout Schedule

Tony Horton Double Time workout schedule

Tony Horton Double Time 30-day schedule


Double Time workout schedule for kids

Tony Horton Double Time Kids Calendar

One thing I’ve noticed is these two calendars are different. So I’m not sure how’d it go if you want to include your kids. I haven’t found any additional explanations on this topic but from time to time you actually can workout with your kids according to calendars. It’s different if your partner is not a child and in that case, you can follow the same calendar and do the daily workouts together. Kids calendar is something interesting because it gives a general idea how you can include your kids in any sort of activity. It doesn’t have to be fitness, it can be dancing lessons or basketball. Additionally, it’s a great idea to make it into a game. Especially with the nutrition plan. Then you can organize maybe a reward system, or whatever works for your kids to stay motivated.


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