Gym versus home workout – how to make a decision

Let’s say you’re a beginner in the world of working out and you’re considering starting the new workout regime. The first thing you’ll ask yourself is gym versus home workout? Which one is better? What will give you results faster? The truth is whatever you choose sometimes you’ll be happy with your choice and sometimes you won’t. This is the reason why there is no right or wrong answer to our question gym versus home workout. Analyze your circumstances and make a choice that is the best for you personally.

Gym versus home workout

Most people spend more time thinking about exercises then doing them. Besides if you spend months on thinking about should you pay a gym membership, or should you try working out from home, you’re wasting your precious time. The sooner you start, the better. Whatever is your choice – gym or home workout, you’ll be on a right path as long as you’re doing the work. Therefore the number one rule is to just begin. Pick a gym, or pick a fitness DVD that suits your needs and start.

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Gym versus home workout – important thing is to begin


Analyze your situation

If you’re a complete beginner, it will be hard for you to achieve a proper form. That’s because you still probably don’t know what it is. Every exercise consists of two or more elements. There’s the element of doing the exercise right and understanding how to breathe. If you’re a beginner, a personal trainer or a coach is your best friend. They have all that knowledge you lack. You’ll have to educate yourself to workout alone at your home and more importantly to avoid injuries. Think about that, because if you can’t commit to doing it right, a personal trainer is maybe more acceptable for you. He’ll keep an eye on you and correct you if needed.

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Gym versus home workout – focus on your goals


Motivation is the key

When starting out as a beginner, your first question shouldn’t be gym versus home workout, but rather what is your goal? What will keep you going when things get tough and tricky? What do you want to achieve? Perhaps it’s your health you need to focus on. Maybe you have painful back. Or it’s all about aesthetics. It’s my opinion that you can’t have a wrong kind of motivation. You either have it, or you don’t. Find your motivation, set your goals, and stay focused. What helped me a lot is a list of things I don’t like about gyms. Furthermore, there’s no good high-end gym in my town. gym versus home workout you don't have to love it you just have to believe it's worth it in the end

How much time can you invest

To be able to keep a consistent workout regime, you have to commit. Think about how much time you have for working out. Consider your financial situation. If neither is an issue, choose a gym and do some additional at home workouts, pick a trainer. In the end, keep in mind that investing in your workout is also investing in your health.