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In my Shaun Week review, I’ll attempt to address all important questions you may have. First of all, what is Shaun Week? Shaun Week is Shaun T’s completely new seven-day program. Shaun T’s main focus behind these workouts was to motivate people to complete all seven days. This is the good place to start especially if you had a long break since the last time you finished a fitness program. Actually, this is one of the main problems many beginners face: they just give up too soon. The good thing about Shaun Week is you’ll work hard, you’ll sweat a lot, but you’ll do it all with a smile. Let’s face it, Shaun T’s workouts are just fun to do.

Shaun T’s ingenuity

I truly appreciate a trainer who can bring me something new every time. When you workout from home at some point you’ll get an impression you’ve seen it all. That freshness in the world of fitness DVDs and on-demand exercises is becoming rear so it should be acknowledged. I mean yeah we all know push-ups are great upper body exercise. Crunches and planks will help strengthen your core and burpees are a pain in the ass, but repeating the same routine no matter how effective it seems will bring boredom. If you get bored, you’ll probably become less motivated too.

Shaun Week review Shaun T Insane Basics

Shaun T just wants you to push yourself as hard as you can

Shaun Week calendar

When it comes to workout calendar, you have a couple of options. You can either do a seven-day schedule and then continue with some longer and more challenging program from the Shaun T repertoire, or you can do an extended/hybrid calendar. This Shaun Week review is based on the one week calendar.

Shaun Week workouts

Insane basics

34 minutes

There’s nothing basic about this workout, but it does go at a slower pace than the rest of them. Still, you will feel it tomorrow. Be prepared for a lot of hard work in these 30 minutes. Shaun T talks a lot. I guess that’s just his personality. During these workouts, he’ll make many encouraging speeches. You might be turned off by his approach. For me, it’s a matter of the personal taste. I guess if you don’t like him, you won’t buy what he’s selling in the first place.

Pure cardio

26 minutes

There’s cardio and there’s Shaun T’s cardio. It’s like a regular cardio, just on steroids. Perhaps it’s only me because I’ll do anything rather than cardio workouts. What can you expect? Every jump you can imagine. Like pencil jump, rotational jump, frog jump, diamond jump. Thankfully, you’ll have a couple of water brakes so you don’t pass out.

Shaun Week review Shaun T Dig deep

I have a feeling Shaun T was a frog in his previous life

Insane Weights

34 minutes

You’ll need weights for this one. My advice is to pick your weights wisely. Choose a pair of dumbbells you can manage and control at all times. This workout has many dynamic combinations. It’s hard and it’s intense. Luckily you have a modifier. I guarantee you’ll feel this workout the day after.

Shaun Week review Shaun T Insane Weigths

Tricep push-ups because regular push-ups are for dummies

25 Abs

27 minutes

Day four is all about your core and abs. My core area is my weakest point so I had to modify at times. I can’t say I felt this in the way I would want too. And I do have other more effective ab workouts. Nevertheless, I was grateful to get a day off from all those insane workouts. To switch it up a bit, Shaun T got a new modifier.

Shaun Week review Shaun T 25 Abs

Gotta work on that 6 pack


43 minutes

Ok, now you’ll feel the burn. Shaun T will ask you to think and surely you’ll have to engage your brain because there are some insane workout combinations to follow. Ripsanity is Insanity inspired workout so you have some idea what to expect. Again, you’ll need weights but nothing too heavy.

Shaun Week review Shaun T Ripsanity

Jack knows how you feel

Speed 4.0

28 minutes

Remember those T25 Speed workouts? This is just like that but crazier and with some truly awesome music to get you moving. I don’t like cardio but even for me, this was insanely fun. Get your jumping sneakers and just give some groove.

Shaun Week review Shaun T Speed 4.0

So intense you might lose your pants

Dig deeper

27 minutes

It’s day seven! Congratulate yourself because you did something amazing for yourself. But first, dig a little deeper and finish this off. You have 14 moves that last 60 seconds. You’ll rethink the concept of time after this one because a minute will seem like an eternity. Workouts are serious but it’s your seventh day and they should be.

Shaun Week review Shaun T Dig Deeper

Air runner? Why not.

Shaun Week review: conclusion

First off all this is only seven days, so you need to have some realistic expectations. You won’t do miracles with this one. It’s a great way to add something fresh to your workout routine. I guess it wouldn’t be fair not to point out some flaws. At times you can’t see a modifier. Exercise will come and go and not a glance at the modification. Shaun T doesn’t explain it a lot so some previous knowledge of the proper form will help you a lot. Also, you don’t have a rest day. It’s seven days of work and then you can take a rest day before starting something new. Don’t forget this because your body needs rest and some time to recuperate.

Shaun Week is not as hard as some other Shaun T’s programs. It’s most similar to T25 but still more than a decent workout. You can choose this program if you’re somewhere in between: not a complete beginner in the world of fitness, but not yet a pro either.

I talked about some things I didn’t like and now it’s time to mention all the positive sides of this review. What I really liked was a different approach to modifications. You can use a chair and I believe this is a much more efficient way to do many workouts because a push-up on your knees is not really a push-up. You do get a lot of water brakes and that is great. I always consider it silly that you have to go and pause your workout every time you have to hydrate yourself. Furthermore, this workout is something everyone can do. You don’t need much space or equipment. Length of the workouts is a plus, especially if you have kids or busy schedule.

Shaun Week stream is available at BOD.

Shaun Week Shaun T
  • Music
  • Trainer
  • Cardio
  • Strenght
  • Exercise variety


+ new approach to the modifications
+ awesome music
+ water brakes

– no rest day
– the modification is not always explained or shown
– superficial motivational messages

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