What is Fitplosion?

Fitplosion is currently a work in progress. The main idea is to collect fitness related myths, especially ones related to working out from home, and to put them to the test. I’d also like to explore popular and trendy diets and to check their credibility and effect they have on one’s body and health.

Fitplosion is imagined as a kind of an experiment. It includes me trying out all famous (and maybe not so famous) fitness DVDs and youtube channels targeting people who workout from home and bringing you my objective thoughts and reviews.

In the end, Fitplosion should become a virtual platform for people who workout from home. So Fitplosion will be a place to obtain motivation, stimulation, and information on what actually works. My ultimate goal is to share advice and personal experience to help you achieve and maintain active and healthy lifestyle.

Who am I?

Fitness enthusiast. Self-taught yogi in the making.

Hopefully, my seven years of experience with working out from home will also help you on your journey toward better form and overall healthier version of yourself.


For any questions, inquiries or collabs:

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