Easy workout morning meal plan

When I started my regular workout regime on a daily basis, my biggest concern was how can I know if I’m eating healthy. When we talk about eating healthy, we have to consider two things. Are we burning enough calories so that all our hard work on the floor doesn’t get erased while we eat? But also, are we getting all nutrients that our body needs? So today I want to talk about some easy meal plans and ideas. More specifically workout morning meal plan.

You can eat before the workout but in reasonable portions

My workout morning meal plan is pretty simple. Usually, I make a cup of coffee and take one tsp of honey. If you like peanut butter that’s great because it’s another healthy option. On days when I’m doing strength training I add a banana to my pre-workout meal. When doing cardio or HIIT training, you should keep your meals light. Another option is to do your morning workout on an empty stomach. Some people believe that after a night without eating, your body could potentially burn a greater percentage of fat as your store of carbohydrates, its preferred energy source, is not easily available. In this case, you should avoid having a too long break between your dinner and your morning workout. Otherwise, you might risk your body burning muscles for energy, instead of your fat. Keep in mind that eating a big meal just before a workout will probably make you feel sick and heavy. That could affect your performance and ability to be your best while training.

Whatever you decide, training on an empty stomach or creating your own workout eating plan, just find your balance.

workout morning meal plan

My workout morning meal plan

The post-workout “anabolic window”

Some sources claim you should take your post-workout meal around 30 minutes after your workout. That 30-minute window represents the optimal time when your muscles will absorb all nutrients needed for their recovery and growth. I believe it’s also important to take a nice balanced meal. That means proteins and carbohydrates. Have in mind your individual goals. Maybe you’re aiming at a caloric deficit. Perhaps it’s the opposite, and your goal is a caloric surplus. Adjust your meal plan to your specific need. You can also use calorie calculators. This way you can determine how much calories you need daily to maintain or lose weight.

My favorite post-workout meal is a smoothie

Easy to make. Easy to take. I love smoothies. You can make them with seasonal fruits and whatever is available in your fridge. I try to switch it up from time to time. So here are some of my top favorite smoothie recipes.

Yellow Smoothie combines some mango, a banana (frozen or fresh), chia seeds and an orange juice. You can replace orange juice with soy or almond milk.

workout morning meal plan yellow smootthie

Pink Smoothie combines oatmeal, strawberries, raspberries and soy milk or water.

workout morning meal plan pink smoothie

Purple Smoothie consists of blueberries, a banana, chia seeds, pineapple, and soy or almond milk.

workout morning meal plan purple smoothie

If you’d like more fun and easy recipes, definitely check out my Pinterest. I add new healthy recipes daily.