Yoga with Adriene

If you are looking for something new in your yoga routine and you already haven’t heard about Adriene, then it’s about time. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can appreciate the variety of her youtube yoga videos.

Why you should always implement yoga in your exercise routine

Yoga as a discipline of body and mind is very appealing to me. But I’m not really into this alternative and pseudo-scientific aspect of yoga. I would hardly find a place for me within the spiritual guidance of today’s modern yoga teachers. Nevertheless, yoga as a form of physical exercise and discipline of the mind is essential.

I think everybody could gain a lot from everyday yoga practice. First of all, you really need regular stretching of the muscles. Without it, the strength exercises are not balanced. Improving balance and flexibility means that you have healthy relationship towards your body. Feeling stressed all the time? You should try pranayama – breathing exercises and poses. For some inner peace, maybe try meditation. There are so many benefits of yoga if you give it a chance.

youtube yoga videos - quotes on yoga

Youtube yoga videos

If you’re a curious kind and maybe would want to try youtube yoga videos, then I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene. She has quite a collection of various yoga videos. You won’t get bored that easily. Besides, there’s yoga for every sort of mood, profession, body part and personal level of yoginess. So don’t worry, surely you’ll find something for yourself, regardless of whether you’ve ever or never practiced yoga. If you’re looking for more information on Adriene, go check her web page.

Yoga for beginners

Are you a beginner? Don’t feel bad. There’s plenty of yoga poses just for you. And it’s not just about doing, it’s about understanding. How to breathe correctly. How to position your body and maintain your form. You can pick longer videos, or you can pick something quick and on the go.

It’s good to cover foundations first.

Or just relax and do some morning yoga before work.

Yoga for the spine and back pain

The good thing about youtube yoga videos is you can address everyday issues you might have. Whether it’s dealing with anxiety or lower back pain, maybe you’ll find some new way to approach those issues. If you’re struggling with pain in your lower or upper back area, then try these yoga poses.

Maybe you just need to let it all go.

And for all you cat people out there, maybe switch your yoga teacher.

See you in savasana.